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idate in some point●s the testimony of the Visitor■s; but the latter declared that, far ●from having recorded lightly those■ scandalous facts, they had excluded many.[199■] 'We have not reported certain public sc●andals,' they said, 'because they s■eem opposed to the famous char■ter of the monks—Si non caste, tame■n caut

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e.' Men of influence s●upported the Commissioners' conclusion●s; a few members of the Counci■l were inclined to indulgence; even Cromwe■ll seemed disposed to attempt t■he reform of whatever was susceptible of imp■rovement; but many believed that all amendment■ was impossible. 'We must, above all things,■ diminish the wealt

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h of the clerg●y,' said Dr. Cox; 'for so lo■ng as they do not imitate th■e poverty of Christ, the people will not f■ollow their teaching. I have● no doubt,' he added, with a touch of iro■ny, 'that the bishops, priests, an●d monks will readily free themselves from the h●eavy burden of wealth of every kind, whic■h renders



{95} the fulfilment of■ their spiritual duties impossible.'[2●00] Other reasons were alleged.● 'T

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